19 Side Hustle Ideas for Women

When you are looking to hit your money goals sooner rather than later, extra cash flow can help tremendously.

These side hustle ideas can give you the boost that you need to position yourself to win with money.

Women tend to wear lots of hats, so why not turn some of those hat wearing capabilities into cash flow.

Whether you need a side hustle to pay down debt, add towards your retirement investments, or if you a plan on turning it into a full-blown business, there’s nothing wrong with getting those extra coins.

Here are 19 ideas that will help you become a cash flow queen:

  1. Tutoring – Don’t let those math skills go unnoticed, someone can benefit from your smarts.
  2. Selling handmade crafts online – You can sell things that you make on sites like
  3. Refurbish and sell antique furniture – Flip furniture and see how fast you can make a profit.
  4. Substitute teaching – If you have daytime availability this is an easy gig.
  5. Selling baked goods – People are always going to buy cookies, cakes, and pies.
  6. Providing childcare – If you are good with kids, or even if you are already a stay at home mom, adding a few more kiddos to the mix won’t be hard at all.
  7. Catering – Start selling those collared greens that everyone always asks you to make!
  8. Photography – If you are especially good at taking photos, why not offer a few sessions to friends and family.
  9. Styling/Braiding hair – Someone is always looking for a good style or braids.
  10. Event planning – If you are known for throwing the best parties, someone will likely pay you to do the same for them.
  11. Teaching Zumba – Have fun and help others reach their fitness goals while earning some extra cash.
  12. Consulting – If you are especially knowledgeable about something why not sell your advice?
  13. Resume writing – Have an eye for details and you have a way with words? You can make extra money by helping others land a job.
  14. Driving Uber/Lyft – If you’re a good driver, why not make some extra money doing just that.
  15. Teaching music – Music lessons are always in demand, you can help a youngster perfect their craft.
  16. Become a personal trainer – If you are fit, others will want your help to get the same results.
  17. Sewing – Not too many people still sew these days, you can make money by altering garments.
  18. Blogging – You can start your own blog or you can write for others.
  19. Coaching – Coach the sport that you played in college. Your team will love you.

Having multiple sources of income is always a good thing. However you decide to earn some extra cash, make sure that you have a plan for it.

When you find new ways to create a bit of extra cash flow, you’ll be able to hit your money goals a lot sooner.

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