24 Affirmations to Speak About Your Money Right Now!

have faith you will get out of debt

Are you affirming the right things about your money?

Your financial state can be changed just by changing how you talk about it. We all want to believe that we have faith. And if you grew up in the church you could give countless examples of how someone’s faith changed a situation.

But, do you have the faith that it takes to make things happen?

Faith is being confident that something exists even if you have yet to see it. So many of us say that we live by faith, but as we continue to talk, we show that we actually live in doubt.

If faith is believing what we cannot see, then why are we choosing to believe only what we can see?

If you are working to get out of debt, you can either say, “I will be debt free by next November”, or, “I’ve been paying this debt for forever, I will always owe somebody something.”

Well, my friend, if you keep speaking that way, then you will always owe somebody something. Don’t let your finances get hung by your words. Faith comes by hearing something again and again.

That is why you have to speak what you want about your finances all the time — every day.

Soon enough you will see your attitude and actions start to change towards your money. Then the results will shortly follow. If you feel discouraged about your financial situation, stand in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and tell yourself the truth about your money.

24 Affirmations to Speak About Your Money Right Now

1. I always have enough money.

2. I am debt free.

3. I make wise decisions about my money.

4. I am committed to becoming financially literate.

5. I am leaving an inheritance for my children’s children.

6. I am financially successful.

7. My income is always increasing.

8. I always have more money coming in than going out.

9. I make money doing what I love.

10. My money makes more money.

11. My money is working for me to help me live in abundance.

12. My money enhances my values.

13. My money is used for good.

14. Money flows freely and abundantly into my life.

15. Money is coming to me constantly from known and unknown places.

16. I feel good about money and having lots of it does not scare me.

17. I am thankful for the comfort and peace that my money provides me.

18. I wisely spend my money, and I neither feel afraid or guilty when doing so.

19. I release all my negative beliefs about money and I invite wealth into my life.

20. There is enough money for me to have all that I need and want.

21. I have all the money, time, talent and energy that I need fulfill God’s purpose for my life.

22. The more money I have, the more money I can give.

23. Money is always flowing freely into my life and there is always a surplus.

24. My God shall supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory. (Phil 4:19)

Say these affirmations about your money every day and things will begin to change. Add your own affirmations to this list and say those, too. This same principle worked for me, and I dare you to try it!

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