3 Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Generous Givers

If we aren’t careful we can unintentionally raise selfish children. But with a few simple ideas, you can raise children who give generously.

One of the most popular times in American culture is that 6-8 week period when those oh-so-beloved Girl Scout cookies go on sale. Whether it’s Thin Mints or Samoas, when we see ‘em, we gotta have ‘em!

Itt’s been the tradition for over 100 years!

But have we ever thought of seeing Girl Scout cookie season as a way to teach our children about giving?

Cookie season for the Girl Scouts is their big fundraiser. So while we’re indulging, we’re also supporting a good cause, and what better way to teach our children about giving than with their favorite cookie.

Giving is one of the most important principles that we could ever teach our youth.

Whether it’s teaching your children about giving in the church setting or supporting an organization they believe in, it is never too early to begin this lifelong lesson.

And when they begin to give, remind them of reasons why giving is a good thing.

Here are 3 Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Generous Givers:

  1. Give your child an allowance twice a month. Tell them that at least 10% of the money must be given to an organization that they believe in. If it’s the church, it can be their called a tithe. If your child participates in activities at the local YMCA, teach them that the YMCA needs people who believe in the organization to financially support it. By giving them the allowance twice a month, whether it be $5 $10, or $20, you are helping them to get in the habit of giving.
  2. Through the year, have your child pick out some of their favorite toys and clothes to give to another child who is less fortunate. Be sure to explain your reasoning. When they give their gifts, they’ll also have the gratifying feeling of knowing that they helped another child have something that’ll never have to go without.
  3. Organize opportunities for your children to volunteer. It may be handing out water at a 5K race that is raising money for a school/organization. Or it may be helping an elderly individual with house chores. By doing either of these, you’re teaching your children to give their time.

Whether it be money, possessions, or time, there are opportunities all around us to teach our youth how to give.

But remember to teach them why to give. When your kids discover why they are giving, it will only become easier.

Next thing you know, you will be raising generous givers who will impact the world.


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