42 Affirmations That’ll Help Make Your Kids Successful

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There is much power in the words that we allow come out of our mouths, and we can help our children become successful by teaching them the right words to say.

When we were little, we dreamed of driving the shiniest and fastest cars, living in the biggest houses, having the best jobs. If it existed, we never thought that we couldn’t somehow get it no matter what our parent’s situation was.

Do you remember?

When we were little we dreamed wild dreams, and we never ever dreamed of being average. But as we got older, doubt and so called “reality” set it.

Sadly many adults have snatched the dreams and hopes of our youth and we have projected our own failures and doubts onto them even if we meant no harm…Even if we were only trying to protect them.

But what if the “reality” is that dreams can be accomplished?

The reality is that dreams don’t have to shrink to match our incomes, but rather our income can increase to match our dreams.

What if we all believed that our dreams are purpose and plan placed in our hearts and they are meant to be conquered?

How great would it be to have a child-like mind, to have no worry in the world, and to believe that all of your dreams will come true?

We all want the best for our kids, so let’s train and preserve their precious minds to think in success terms and not failure.

42 Affirmations That’ll Help Make Your Kids Successful

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am kind.
  3. I can do it!
  4. I’m intelligent.
  5. I am a bright student.
  6. I enjoy learning.
  7. I am very creative.
  8. I am persistent.
  9. I accept and love myself.
  10. I have the courage to be myself.
  11. I love myself even though I sometimes fail.
  12. I learn from my mistakes and failures.
  13. Every problem has an answer that I can find
  14. Whatever I do, I give my best.
  15. I am unique. There is no one like me.
  16. I can become whatever I want to be.
  17. I accomplish great results.
  18. I am confident.
  19. I am courageous
  20. I reach my goals.
  21. My family and friends love me for who I am.
  22. I forgive others for their mistakes.
  23. I understand complex problems quickly.
  24. I am honest and trustworthy.
  25. I am kind to others.
  26. I give freely.
  27. I am a good influence on others.
  28. I have good friends and I am a good friend.
  29. I am thoughtful and kind.
  30. I reach for the stars.
  31. I am important.
  32. I can do anything.
  33. I am a winner.
  34. I am not a quitter.
  35. I have great ideas.
  36. I am wealthy
  37. My start doesn’t determine my end.
  38. God has an important plan for my life.
  39. Wonderful and awesome things happen to me.
  40. I believe in myself and my abilities
  41. I believe in my dreams.
  42. My dreams are coming true.

Have you children repeat these affirmations often. After while, you may notice something very special going in their minds.

It’s never too late to prepare your children to become a success.


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