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6 Ways to Position Yourself for Financial Security Before Age 35

You can get ahead of the game by doing what it takes to position yourself for financial security before your 35th birthday. Most of us spend our entire twenties trying to figure out how to be an adult. By the time our thirtieth birthday arrives we’ve learned a few lessons and wised up a bit. But […]

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Millennial Parents, Your Kids Don’t Know What You Don’t Have

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean that you need to immediately upgrade your home and car. Your kids won’t notice what you don’t have, but they will always notice how much you love them. It’s amazing to think that the simplest things can create a happy childhood. Children just want to play, eat, feel safe and […]

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Financial Planning for Millennials: Pay Off Loans and Live the Life You Dreamed Of

So many Millennials have been drowned in student loan debt without enough means to fund their big dreams. But with a little planning, millennials can change their entire financial future. Back in 90’s you may have called a kid over to your house to help install your dial-up internet, set up your PC, hook up […]

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