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Teach Kids the Value of Money: Maybe They Will Ask For Less of It! Maybe.

Teaching your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees can save both you and them lots of headaches in the long run. They say that money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can seem like our children are convinced that it does. Do yourself and your kids a favor and teach them the value of […]

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3 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Save Now, So They’ll Be Better Off Later

Saving money is a discipline that you can help develop in your kids early on. When they are adults they’ll be glad they gained such a necessary habit. It’s nearly June, and you have finally hit your goal for saving. Only a week later, while getting your routine oil change, the service advisor comes out with […]

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3 Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Generous Givers

If we aren’t careful we can unintentionally raise selfish children. But with a few simple ideas, you can raise children who give generously. One of the most popular times in American culture is that 6-8 week period when those oh-so-beloved Girl Scout cookies go on sale. Whether it’s Thin Mints or Samoas, when we see […]

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How To Save Money And Hit Your Goals (And Teach Your Children To Do The Same)

You can teach your children a crucial life and financial skill. When they apply this simple principle, your children will reap the benefits of it for years to come. Do you remember the last time you saved your own hard earned money for something you wanted? You know…that purse you had your eye on for […]

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42 Affirmations That’ll Help Make Your Kids Successful

There is much power in the words that we allow come out of our mouths, and we can help our children become successful by teaching them the right words to say. When we were little, we dreamed of driving the shiniest and fastest cars, living in the biggest houses, having the best jobs. If it existed, […]

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The One Money Mistake You Could Be Making With Your Kids That Could Ruin Their Financial Future

Do you give your kids an allowance for a job well done? Do you put money into their birthday cards… a dollar for each year? It’s amazing how kids can accumulate hundreds of dollars for just having a birthday. When your children get money, what do you encourage them to do with it? Do you […]

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