Donald Trump For President?

You May BeThinking,“You Gotta Be Kidding Me”, but let’s see what we can learn from it ALL.

Donald Trump surprised us all with his political campaign. Even though we didn’t see this coming, let’s take a look at a few reasons that may explain his success.

When Donald Trump announced that he was making his bid for the White House, most of our first reactions were,

“What? Are you serious?”

We twisted our lips, gave the side eye, sucked our teeth, and we most likely waited for him to do terribly, bow out of the race, and let the political hoopla continue as normal.

But that never happened.

Instead, he picked up traction with his raw, unfiltered, politically incorrect, and rash comments. This wouldn’t work for too many other candidates but it has been working for Donald.

How is Donald J. Trump, the same Donald J. Trump that we’ve known for years, doing so well in his political race?

The answer may have more to do with his strategy than his politics.

He’s doing something to get ahead and to stay ahead that many other businessmen have done before, and since it’s working we might as well see what we can take from it.

Donald Trump is an opportunist.

Donald Trump analyzes the American people to the point that he is saying exactly what many people are thinking.

Just like a business man, Donald has seen the country’s demand and he has come ready with the supply.

Whether or not his comments may seem wrong, unconstitutional, or even racist, there are people who have thought the same thoughts as Donald Trump, but they dare not speak them.

Donald has likely figured this out and is taking the opportunity to use the frustrations of some for the benefit of his goal. Because he is meeting the needs of many Americans (whether these needs are justified or not) Donald has been the front-runner in his party, to the surprise of many.

Donald doesn’t have to worry about money.

The time that other candidates may be spending on fundraising, Donald is spending campaigning, and on analyzing Americans.

There is much to be said about not having to worry or think about money. Donald is funding his own campaign and not having to solicit funds from donors; consequently, he has more time and energy to put towards his presidential race.

Also without having funding coming from outsiders, Donald doesn’t have to do or say things to please his would-be donors. This all contributes to his political incorrectness.

Having money to fully fund your ambitions gives you the freedom and liberty to go about them in almost any way that you please.

What does Donald Trump’s chance at the White House mean for us?

It means that whoever is our next President we better get ours straight.

Blacks have been through president after president, some racist, some not so much, and one that’s African American, and we have still managed to rise above and succeed.

What difference will it really make if someone is president over another?

The best chance that we have to direct our destiny doesn’t come from President on down, it comes from you. The president doesn’t direct your destiny…you do.

Fortunately, we live in a country where we are free to make a living and to make as much money as we can. No matter who becomes president, it is important that you secure wealth for you and your family.

The state of the union may change from decade to decade — but your goals for your family will extend through multiple presidencies.

So let’s just do what we gotta do. Find the right opportunities, take them, and secure your future with wealth.

Go get yours.

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