Experience an Abundant Christmas Season With Little to No Money

21 Ways to Experience an Abundant Christmas Season With Spending Little to No Money

Experience an abundant holiday season filled with the people and things you value most all while keeping your money in check.

Think back on the Christmas memories that mean the most to you.

These sweet memories are the ones that run deep and make us want to spread some love on Christmas.

Most of our fondest Christmas memories are actually quite simple, and for many of us these moments didn’t cost big bucks to make.

But if we aren’t careful the Christmas season can turn into major stress factor. There are gifts to buy and food to cook, and if we lose track of things, our finances can take a hit within the 30 days of the shopping season. Is that really how you imagine spending your Christmas season? No.

You imagine your Christmas season being filled with love and warmth and enjoying being around the ones that you love the most. Get what you really want this Christmas — stay on top of your finances, and experience the abundance that you always hoped for.

21 Ways to Experience an Abundant Christmas Season With Spending Little to No Money

  1. Watch your favorite Christmas movies
  2. Go Christmas caroling
  3. Read Christmas stories each night
  4. Read the Bible story of Jesus’ birth
  5. Take a Christmas light tour around nearby neighborhoods
  6. Bake cookies
  7. Instead of buying costly gifts for your family consider participating in a White Elephant gift exchange or Secret Santa.
  8. Make a gingerbread house
  9. Visit nursing homes — you and your family can read Christmas stories and sing carols to the elderly.
  10. Make Christmas ornaments
  11. Decorate newspaper and paper bags to use as wrapping paper
  12. Make hot chocolate
  13. Decorate your home with Christmas decor that you already have
  14. Listen to your favorite Christmas Music
  15. Make a Christmas card for a soldier and send it.
  16. Visit your town square to view the Christmas light display
  17. Attend a Christmas play
  18. Have pot luck Christmas party
  19. Keep an Advent calendar
  20. Have a gift wrapping party
  21. Share Christmas memories and traditions from your childhood with your children and grandchildren.

Keep the joy in your Christmas by taking the time to relish in the simple things.

Sometimes it’s in the simplicity of it all where memories are made and traditions are kept. You and your wallet will be glad that you slowed down to focus on what matters most.

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