Falling Behind? Don’t Get Frustrated Just Get Started

Being behind can be overwhelming, but the key to getting ahead is to get started.

Have you ever been in a situation where time just got away from you?

Whether it’s filing your taxes or packing for a week-long vacation, we’ve all experienced falling behind in some way.

When we fall behind, if we are not careful, frustration can easily follow.

But don’t get frustrated, get started.

Think back to any time where you fell behind, yet still managed to get done what you needed to get done.

What did you do?

You started from right where you were.

I’m here to simply remind you that whether it’s preparing your taxes, packing for a family vacation, or getting your finances in order, the best place to start is right where you are.

Yes, that’s right!

Draw a line in the sand.

Let that line be your new starting line.

Focusing on what you haven’t done can be draining and discouraging. But focusing on what you’re going to do will give you a sense of hope.

Think about it this way…

When you’re in your car, you have a front windshield and a rearview mirror.

The way I like to see it is that the rearview mirror is smaller for a reason. It represents your past, but not in a huge way. The way you look at your past should only be to evaluate your experiences so that you can be sure that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

But when you look through that front windshield, it represents the future. It represents hope. It represents another chance. It represents a new starting line.

So, when it comes to your finances, remember to not let your past mistakes of falling behind discourage you.

Work with your coach, and learn from them.

Draw that line in the sand, and develop a plan.

Remember that your past does not equal your future.

You have a new starting line.


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