Going the Extra Mile to Obtain Financial Success

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If Your Income Hasn’t Increased, Going the Extra Mile May Be The Missing Component To Your Financial Success!

Going the extra mile is not always convenient but it has major pay-offs. The extra mile may be the missing component to your financial prosperity.

So you want to make more money, huh?

More moolah. More dough. More bread.

Of course you do. We all do.

When it comes to money, it’s easy to find reasons to need more of it, but it’s not always easy to obtain.

So how do you move from being fed up with a stagnant income to having one that’s steadily increasing?

(I’m so glad you asked.)

Regardless of how you make your money, there is one thing that can do to put yourself in the best position to get more of what you want.

Many of the results that you desire can be achieved by going the extra mile.

Going the extra mile means giving better service, giving more than what you are paid for, and doing it all with a positive attitude.

The extra mile is a major component to your overall success. You cannot expect to have increased financial success and constantly play at the minimums by doing only enough to get by.

Going the extra makes you valuable. It gets you noticed. And the more you go the extra mile the more indispensable you become.

No one wants to rid themselves of someone that is always willing to go above and beyond. They’d be silly to do so.

When you take the initiative to go the extra mile, you will put yourself at a financial advantage. Going the extra mile is the only logical reason to ask for more compensation.

If you are doing no more work than for what you are paid, then you are paid fairly.

But when you increase your value by going the extra mile, you are justified to ask for more money.

But of all the benefits of going the extra mile, it’s the skills that you learn along the way that will bring you the most value.

Extra mile = Extra skill and competency


Extra skill and competency = Higher earning capacity

Going the extra mile puts you in position to master skills that you would have never been introduced to had you simply stayed in your lane.

Becoming competent at a skill when you didn’t need to will help promote confidence in your abilities, and it will ultimately increase the positive thoughts you have towards yourself.

And this increased confidence will be obvious.

Whether folks like to admit it, confidence is attractive. It’ll be apparent that something is different about you.

When you go the extra mile you separate yourself from the crowd. The distance between average and extraordinary is one mile.

But unfortunately, most won’t travel that distance…because unfortunately, most are average.

When you do decide to go the extra mile, don’t expect results immediately. But do expect results.

You can look at going the extra mile as good sowing seeds. You may not see fruit right away, but eventually, there will be a plentiful harvest. Remember, whatever you sow you will reap multiple times as much.

So separate yourself from the masses, go the extra mile and rightfully anticipate the extra blessings.


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