You Can Bounce Back!

Don’t let your past money woes keep you down. No matter how you’ve fallen you are always in good position to get up and bounce back. There is something special about being around someone who you know is doing their thing! Sometimes certain people make you get that feeling when you are around them. But […]

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Do We Really Have Each Other’s Backs? Our Support of Black Businesses Could Determine If We Do

There are many businesses in our communities that could use our support. Our support for local businesses could have more positive outcomes than expected. This holiday season, you may be on the prowl for good deals to find the perfect gifts at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Sear’s, and Walmart. But these businesses, like so many others, bear the […]

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Are You Prepared to Be Successful?

When we make the proper preparations we increase our chances of becoming successful. And when we have the discipline to stick with our preparations we have to chance to knock our goals out of the park. Have you ever been there? That feel good place where you just know that you’re on the right track, […]

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