How to Get Unstuck And Move Toward Financial Success

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated with your finances and wishing that you were further along there is no need to feel guilty or ashamed. You can get on the right track at anytime just by following these two steps.

You’ve worked hard for years…because that’s what you were taught to do.  You’ve been diligent in making sure you paid the bills on time, you may have even sent the kids to college, purchased a home along the way, and perhaps you ran a successful business too.

With all of your efforts you’ve likely made some mistakes, but you did whatever it took to make a decent living and to enjoy some of it fruits – even if it was just a taste.

But now that time has passed you may be thinking that you should be further along by now. You may be regretting not having something stashed away to finance your dreams. Or maybe you wish you were more ready to retire without the looming threat of being a burden to your children, nonetheless have enough to leave your grandchildren an inheritance.

You still want to move forward towards your desires but you can’t get over that fact that the money is just not there.

Frustrating right?

The fact is that we all feel like we should be further along in some way or another. So many times folks come to me burdened with shame and regret saying, “Aaron, I wish I would have…”

What If I told you that it’s okay to be where you are?

There’s certainly no need to feel ashamed or guilty about your current financial situation.

But there’s a catch. You cannot delay any longer; you have to start making moves towards your financial future today… The right time is now… Because it’s not where you come from it’s your outcome that matters.

Here’s proof that that is true.

I come from a modest and hardworking family. My mother was a domestic worker, and my father was a truck driver. We didn’t have much wealth… as a matter of fact we didn’t have ANY wealth. We lived paycheck to paycheck.  Like all parents my mother and father wanted a better life for me and my two brothers – they wanted us to be better off than they were.

They wanted me to get a good education – and I did. But along with that I learned how to build wealth.

Now, I am a financial coach and have been for over 20 years. I’m blessed to be a husband and father. I have been afforded the opportunity to consult with universities, corporations, and with people from low-income backgrounds to multi-millionaires on how to build, maintain, and pass along wealth.

I have contributed to books such as “65 Things To Do When You Retire” with the likes of President Jimmy Carter, well as authored my own, “In The Black: Live Faithfully, Prosper Financially“.

Its not where I came from, but it’s the outcome that matters!

You can take the same principle and apply it to your NOW. Let’s not let shame stop you from accomplishing your financial dreams.

I want to help you.

If you can commit to doing these two things, you can be on your way to accomplishing your goals, whether it is to purchase a home, start a business, invest in your retirement, or leave an inheritance for your children’s children. Here are two things that you MUST do in order to move towards realizing your financial dreams:

1. Build The Proper Foundation With Specific Goals

All successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen have this one thing in common; they set exact goals with deadlines. What are your goals and dreams that you want to accomplish that require money? Now to get those dreams in reach, you will need to:

  • Determine exactly what you want and how much money it will take. You shouldn’t be vague or general about this. This is the time to spell out every detail of your dream.
  • Set an exact date or deadline for your goal to be accomplished.
  • Map out a definite plan for accomplishing your goals. And remember to start NOW, even if you feel like you are far from being ready.

2. Get The Right Mindset

In order to get the results that you want, you will have to remain steadfast.  You will need to get in the habit of doing what is necessary to achieve your goals. It takes 14 weeks to build a habit so you will need to invest in your dream for 14 weeks minimum. Don’t get discouraged at week seven or eight, keep going until you have what you set out to get.

You can do this with your game plan or strategy. This game plan will help you determine exactly how you will achieve your goals.

For example, you can start by investing 10% of your total income toward your goal. If you are behind or already investing 10%, you can start at 15%. If all of this seems overwhelming then you can start at 5%, but you have to stick it out to create the habit.

Unfortunately, many of us revert back to our old ways because that is what’s comfortable. But if you have or can develop a strong mentality of “I’m gonna stick this out, no matter what,” you’ll get what you want almost every time.

Your success is not like a one-dollar scratch-off ticket, nor is it like hitting the jackpot in Vegas.  There is no luck involved… your success is a planned event. So go ahead and throw off the regret and shame of the past and take the right steps towards your financial prosperity. Your goals and your by any means mindset will certainly help you get there.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me.  My drive is to see you live your financial dream.

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