How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

We all have goals, but are we accomplishing them?

You can achieve your goals and live a life of constant victory by following three simple steps.

Whatever happened to those goals that you had back in the day?

They are still there.

Something inside of you still wants to accomplish them because you were born to win.

And this isn’t just about long lost goals, but this is about the goals that you set at the beginning of the year, and even the things that you want to get done today.

Don’t leave your goals unaccomplished and slowly condition your self to not winning. Set goals and condition your self to win by accomplishing them.

You are a winner and winners eventually reach their goals.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

1. Write your goals down

Simply put, if you don’t write something down you’ll be far more likely to forget it. So many things run through our minds every day, and you’d hate to have your goals become mentally trampled over by your plans for dinner.

Write your goals down on paper so you won’t forget that you made them in the first place. And when you do write them down, get specific about it.

Quantify exactly what you want to accomplish.

For example, it is better to say:

“I will save $10,000 for a down payment on a house,”

than and it is to simply say…

I will save for a down payment on a house.”

2. Set a deadline

Deadlines help us to do what we gotta do. They help us to prioritize and they always put a sense of urgency on our goals. When you set a deadline for your goals you have essentially given yourself a guarantee that they will happen.

Let’s use the same example of saving for a down payment for a new home.

When you attach a deadline to your goal of saving $10,000, and you say that you will have it done by Sept 1st, you will likely start imagining yourself in your new home, and you won’t be playing games about getting it done.

You’ll find your self planning for holiday dinners, and for relatives to visit. You will be more likely to do whatever it takes because you won’t want to let yourself down.

3. Review your goals daily

Don’t let the cares of this world choke your dreams and goals without you even realizing it. When you write your goals down, set a deadline, and review them daily you began to focus your efforts and actions on making your dreams a reality.

Reviewing your goals each day helps you to make the small decisions that will move you towards them. Looking at your goals every day will no doubt help you to stay in the mode, and you eventually will become laser focused towards your desired end.

Reminding yourself daily that you need to save $10,000 will help you to make logical and wise decisions. You will be more likely to pack your lunch for work instead of buying it because you know that small decisions like that will payoff in the end.

You have the capability to accomplish so many things, so don’t let your goals fall by the way side.

You can be closer to living the life that you want just by turning your wishes into goals and doing what it takes to achieve them.

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