How To Stay Motivated

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Staying motivated can be half of the battle for your financial success.

Thankfully there are some practical things that you can do that will keep your motivation from dying out.

We have all done it before, We have said, I’m going to do this or that. Got excited. Bought the stuff to go with it, and after a few days the excitement fizzled out, the activity fell off, and the stuff is just turned into clutter.

Maybe you said that you were going to get fit. So you looked at tons of before and after pictures. Bought some bright neon workout clothes. And you even worked out a few times. But once you realized that this may be long and hard work, and that sitting in front of a plate of chicken and collard greens feels better than sweating, you subconsciously began to give it up.

No matter what our goals are, we have to figure out how to stay motivated to reach them.

While we all want to stay motivated, we must remember that motivation can come from the outside. We have to work to internalize that motivation so that nothing will be able to distract us from achieving those goals.

One way that you can internalize your motivation is to keep your goals in front of you, not just with words, but with images.

When you have a goal to do something there’s nothing like being able to visualize it with your own two eyes. There’s something about looking at those images and saying,

“This is the house that I will live in.”

“This is the number that I will see on the scale.”

“This is the number that I will see in my bank account.”

“This is where my family and I will vacation.”

When you look at real life pictures of your goals you can literally visualize your future…. It gets real.

And when you constantly keep something in front of you, you will be internally motivated to go and get it. Many of us have heard the saying,“Faith comes by hearing.”

It’s true. We tend to believe what we hear over and over again. We have to ask ourselves,

“Are we hearing things that’ll move us towards our dreams and goals, our away from them?”

It can be easy to think that if you aren’t hearing anything then you are staying in the same place, but the truth is, if you aren’t hearing anything to move you towards your goals, you can be on a slow but steady decline away from them.

A sure enough way to stay motivated is by listening to success audios, success books, and success podcast. Instead of listening to your radio when you get into the car, pop in something that can teach and train you on how to be wealthy and successful. You can turn your car into a university on wheels.

When you hear success stories and learn the same things that successful people have learned, you will be motivated every single day to achieve your dreams.

Staying motivated can be half of the battle when it comes to whether or not you achieve your goals. Motivation can be just like a fire; it can fizzle and die out if you don’t throw something on it.

Keep your fire going by visualizing your goals before your eyes and by keeping the success in your in ears.

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