If Black Lives Matter, Then So Should Our Money

Black LIves Matter

It’s Time We Make #BlackMoneyMatter.

In the fight for social justice, we cannot forget how loud money talks. Could the change that we really want to see be achieved through financial success?

The #BlackLivesMatter movement came about as a way for millennials to express their disdain with lingering racism and social injustice, and to advocate for freedom for blacks in America.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been known for how they disrupted politically correct race talk. The activist shave become a household name, and it’s been to the disliking of many.

Even President Obama gave the movement much credit for being

“Really effective in bringing attention to problems.”

But he also said,

“You can’t just keep on yelling.”

He has a point. It’s time we put our money where our mouths are. While we fight for social change, we must never ignore the importance of financial justice and financial freedom for blacks.

Financial freedom could mean social change. We know that in this country those with the most money have the most influence. That is exactly why Donald Trump was winning his race for the presidency.

Now it’s time WE gain the influence that we have forever longed for… with money. Hear me when I say…. Blacks wealth matters.

Black businesses and investment matter. Black financial literacy matters. Black money matters. It’s time we teach those at all income levels in our communities how to handle money and build lasting wealth for generations to come.

Yes, there may be obstacles, but we have been overcoming for centuries. We are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, blessed and not cursed. It’s time we back up our talk, and protest against social injustice with financial success.

When we are the owners multi-million dollar corporations, how much discrimination will we experience in the corporate world?

We will be able to provide jobs and opportunities for our own. Black lives matter. And so does our money.

But when this movement has ended and is written about in the history books, where will our people be? Will we have gained ground, or will be singing the same ol’ song?

“We shall overcome someday…”

How about we overcome TODAY.

Let’s get financially literate…build a legacy of wealth for our children’s children and change our future with the influence that speaks the most in this country… money.

#BlacksLivesMatter and #BlackMoneyMatters too.

Take the first step towards financial justice and freedom by conquering your personal finances. Go to to start the process of becoming a financial leader in your community.



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