Making Simple Decisions. . .The Right Ones

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Your money situation can simply be the result of the decisions you’ve made — both the good and bad.

Have you ever been to a buffet while on a diet?

You walk up to the fresh salad bar to get your nutritious salad along with your favorite dressing.

You’re off to a great start.

Now you are just getting warmed up and ready for the main course.

Then you see the grilled zucchini and squash, and you get a good portion because you want to eat well. I mean, you are watching your figure, right?

And there’s the grilled chicken seasoned to perfection. You grab a few pieces.

Boom! Your plate looks beautiful. You are on a roll.

Then it happens. You smell that all too familiar fragrance. Fried something. Your nose leads you to find the fried chicken, and you think,

Well, one piece won’t hurt.

But there lies the issue. The fried chicken is by another of your favorites — fried seafood.

One piece of fried fish won’t hurt either. Nor will three pieces of fried shrimp. And now, by obligation, you have to get the mac-n-cheese, because the meal just wouldn’t be complete without it.

Instead of being on a roll… you go and grab a few of those too.

Just like that, we went from a fresh salad and grilled vegetables, to five fried items, and the not so healthy mac-n-cheese.

The nutritious options were a good easy choice at the beginning of the meal. But the fried foods were also an easy choice. They were both at your disposal at the same time.

Eating healthy at a buffet is easy to do. But it is also easy not to do. Healthy foods may not be as satisfying as fried foods, but healthy foods have more benefits for us in the long run.

More than we realize it, we are always faced with simple choices of doing what’s best for the future, or doing what feels good right now.

And with our money, it’s the same thing. We are constantly making decisions for the future, but are they the right ones?

If you have financial goals, are you making the choices that will move you towards them or further away from them?

Let’s say you’ve paid all of your bills for the month, you have leftover cash, but you also have the goal of saving towards your emergency fund.

You can either buy a new pair of shoes to buffer your wardrobe or put that same money towards your goal. You have a choice to make.

If you always find a way to spend your extra money on non-productive products, you may not feel the effects right away, especially when things seem okay right now.

But what will happen when the inevitable emergency pops up?

Four new tires?

Unexpected hospital visit?

Car needs a new transmission?

Laid off from your job?

Are you prepared? If you made the right decisions you just might be.

When it comes to the decisions that you make with your money, they all add up. But it’s up to you whether you will allow good ones to add up, or the not so good ones.

If you need help making the right money decisions we are here for you. Your dreams and goals can be reached in the big decisions and in the small ones, too.

And when you get the hang of making the right ones, you’ll give yourself the hope and anticipation of your dreams finally coming true.

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