Rather Not Talk About Money?

You’re not the only one.

We all have skirted around the topic of money at one time or another. But openly talking about money with the right people can help you build wealth.

It has happened to us all. We’ve all talked with friends and family members and had a conversation dreadfully land on the topic of money.

In those times, you’ve probably thought to yourself,

“How did we get on this topic? Lemme just hurry up change the subject.”

Because of the discomfort that some of us feel in those awkward-money-talk moments, we may literally “X” out the financial details by saying, “X amount of dollars.”

It almost sounds as if we are making money-talk a profane language. The next thing you know, we’ve bleeped out so many details that our money conversations end up sounding like an episode of Jerry Springer.

Don’t have Jerry Springer money-talk, have good and fruitful money-talk instead. A study by Wells Fargo revealed that 44% of Americans would rather talk about death, religion, politics or their personal health than talk about money.

In theory, people would prefer to talk about how much they weigh or how someone died rather than discuss whether or not they are on the right track for retirement.

So, why are we avoiding money-talk at all cost?

We may have convinced ourselves that death, religion, politics, and in some cases our personal health, are things that are out of our control. But deep down we know that if we are broke or wealthy, it’s our personal responsibility.

And sometimes when we aren’t where we want to be, a subject can be harder to talk about. Let go of regret, shame, defeat, fear, and pride. Let’s break the ice and open up the money conversation.

When you open up to talk about money you allow yourself to learn, to gain wisdom, to become accountable, and to give yourself the chance to learn from other’s mistakes, and as wells as their successes.

Now… I’m not telling you to go around telling any o’body about your personal finances. Use wisdom and discretion. When you wisely open up the conversation about money, you and those around you win.

How To Get Comfortable With Talking About Money

First, start to get financially literate. Let’s be real, no one ever wants to look like they don’t know what they are talking about. When you take the time to learn the language of money, it becomes easier to speak the language of money.

If someone is helping you with your finances, it is beneficial to have a good idea about some of the things they are telling you.

When you are beginning to learn the language of money you will be more excited to talk about it, and it won’t be as dreadful. Take the steps to get in control of your personal finances. Know where you stand with your finances.

Perhaps uncertainty and embarrassment are other reasons why people don’t want to talk about money. Be sure of where you stand financially and have a plan to reach your desired end. This will help to make money-talk more hopeful and exciting.

For an at-home remedy to get in control of your money check out There you can take and assessment to gauge where you stand in every area of your finances.

Once you have taken the assessment you will be able to come up with a plan for anything that requires money like buying a home, health care, and even retirement. Now that’s something worth talking about!

But don’t stop there. Start a conversation with a financial coach about your money. Once you have increased your financial literacy and you know where you stand financially, you will be empowered to talk about money with those in your community.

Break the ice by telling them that you helped to get ahold of your finances with Share how it worked for you. Spread the wisdom, and encourage people to do what you did.

Instead of having Jerry Springer style money-talk, be bold — and start good and fruitful conversations about money. When you do you will and begin to influence and change your entire culture.


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