Do We Really Have Each Other’s Backs? Our Support of Black Businesses Could Determine If We Do

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There are many businesses in our communities that could use our support. Our support for local businesses could have more positive outcomes than expected.

This holiday season, you may be on the prowl for good deals to find the perfect gifts at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Sear’s, and Walmart. But these businesses, like so many others, bear the names of their founders.

Do you know them? Probably not. But let me you tell you who you do know…

You know Mrs. Johnson who has a bakery, Big Mike who owns car shop and Tanya who makes gift baskets. With all this shopping going on, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget about your neighbors, friends, and family who have businesses too.

When you support local businesses you are essentially helping to send someone’s kids to college, you are helping someone to retire, you are helping to build something that can be passed to the next generation.

Even if your purchase is small, your continued support is means much more.

So don’t let the only black businesses you support this holiday season be your barbershops and hair salons. We can do better than that.

This season, if you are going to spend, try to spend within your own community. According to a Nielsen study, blacks have a purchasing power of over a trillion dollars.

That means we are definitely spending money, but where?

Let’s keep some of these trillions in our communities and businesses for as long as we can. Let’s prevent our money from coming in and going right back out.

Blacks have the tendency to be very proud and supportive, especially when one of our own does well. And when they make it really big, we go crazy.

If we had a family member that was a star player in the NFL we’d want everyone to know that Jay is our cousin. And we’d wear Cousin Jay’s jersey every Sunday.

But what if Cousin Jay wasn’t famous, he lived around the corner, but he just opened a restaurant – his dream come true.

Would we tell everyone about him then?

Would we send people to his storefront every chance we got?

Would we eat at his spot before we ate at our favorite restaurant chains?

As a community, we collectively have the power to support one another’s dreams. We can help each other thrive.

Find out who in your family, church, neighborhood, and your network has a business — both big and small. You’d be surprised!

So this season of giving, let’s give the gift of empowerment by putting our money where our mouths are and supporting the businesses in our communities.

When we do this, we will automatically create a climate of success for more businesses to flourish.

Let’s have each other’s backs.


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