The Starting Point To Your Financial Success

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The Starting Point To Your Financial Success Is All In Your Definite Purpose and Plan

Knowing your definite purpose and plan will give you the direction you need in reaching your financial goals.

You know what time it is. Big Mama is coming to town!

And when she comes, you know exactly what she’s bringin’!

She has that cake… yes! You know the one.

The one that ALWAYS goes first…no matter what the occasion!

You may not have any more room in your belly for dessert, but you’ll squeeze it in, because opportunities like this only come once or twice a year.

So of course, you go for it! (Even if you have to wrap it in foil to save it for later.)

Napoleon Hill said,

“The starting point for all individual achievement is the adoption of a definite purpose and a definite plan for its attainment.

What the in the world does that mean?!?

Well, let’s break it down.

Now when Big Mama starts out to make her cake, she has her definite purpose: to bake a cake for her family, whom she loves.

What is her definite plan? The recipe.

The recipe that she has locked in her mind. She doesn’t need a list of ingredients or directions, she’s mastered her plan. Nonetheless, she still has one. Even though Big Mama hasn’t used measuring cups in years, her plan is detailed and precise.

Big Mama knows what she is doing. As she activates her plan, the cake is being formed. By the time you taste that piece of heaven, you may not even realize it, but you are tasting definite purpose, backed up by a plan.

That purpose and plan just happen to be a blessing to your taste buds.

When Big Mama is in the kitchen, we can surely see the importance of having a definite purpose and plan.

What’s your financial definite purpose?

Is it to start a business, send your kids to college, pay off your mortgage, get out of debt, or purchase a home?

Figure your definite purpose, lock it in, and get laser focused.

Once you have done that, figure out your definite plan, your recipe for success.

Plan out every step you will need to take in order to reach your definite purpose. Don’t skimp on the details, the details are valuable ingredients to your end goal.

If you need help, ask your financial coach to lend you a hand.

Just like Big Mama, a financial coach won’t turn you away if you need a little direction. Finding your definite purpose and having a plan to match it are the first steps to take in moving towards the financial success you’ve always dreamed of.


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