What LeBron James’ Will to Win Means For Your Future Success

Most of us witnessed LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the odds to win a championship. When we adopt the same strong desire to win, we can also win at our dreams.

This year’s NBA finals is one that will be talked about for ages. Stephen Curry and the Golden state Warriors were up 3-1 and one game away from bringing home the chip.

They were favorited to win. But their opponents, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, had a chip on their shoulders. They refused to accept defeat.

In fact, when they were just one game away from losing it all, and they had to travel back to their opponent’s home court, coach Tyronn Lue told his team,

“If you don’t think we can win, don’t get on the plane.”

Meaning — If you don’t think we have a chance, don’t even bother playing. The whole team boarded the plane.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers had a strong desire to win, and they had a major definite purpose. Their city had not won a championship in over 50 years; not in basketball, baseball, or football. It was so bad that they called it the Cleveland curse.

But LeBron had a mission, and that was to bring the trophy back to his hometown, no matter what it took. This was what drove him to win.

And their fight to win earned them a championship.

What’s your will to win?

What makes you grind so hard that it doesn’t even matter what the odds are?

What burns you so bad that you MUST win, no matter what it takes?

When it comes to your financial success, it doesn’t matter what your family history says. It doesn’t matter if it seems like your family has had a curse of poverty and financial hardship for generations.

You can break it with a strong desire to win.

Do you have the will to WIN?

Will you do whatever it takes no matter the odds?

You have to find the thing that makes you tick, the thing that makes you go off. That thing that makes you a force to be reckoned with.

There is nothing that you can’t accomplish with God as your partner.

And as LeBron did, you should also partner with your coach. Like LeBron James, you can be a curse breaker. You can bring victory to your life and those around you when you reach inside and find the undeniable will to win.


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