What Stephen Curry Teaches Us About Conditioning for Financial Success

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Stephen Curry is winning in all areas of his basketball career. But this success didn’t happen overnight, it happened every night.

What Stephen Curry is doing in basketball, you can do with your money.

Stephen Curry didn’t become MVP or NBA Champion when the award was handed to him.

He became a champion on the days when he wanted to quit but decided to keep going.

As a matter of fact, Steph Curry was passed over as a college recruit. While other players hung up their jerseys after practice and showered, Stephen Curry was still in the gym.


He was doing every kind of drill that he could think of.

Many of his drills seemed frivolous and didn’t make sense to those around him, but he kept doing it anyway. He did the things that others weren’t willing to do.

Now, when Stephen Curry shoots the ball from far behind the three point line, shakes players to the floor while dribbling, and passes the rock like it’s paddle ball, folks are amazed.

But Stephen Curry didn’t become an NBA Champion, MVP, and set the new record for the longest undefeated season by luck.

He became the champion and phenomena that he is today while he was in an empty gym conditioning.

Just as Stephen Curry conditioned himself for success with basketball, you can condition yourself for success with money.

When you condition yourself for financial fitness, you read, you listen, you associate. You read books written by multi-millionaires to condition your mind to think like them.

You listen to podcast to hear how successful people talk, and you when you associate with successful people you begin to think and act just like they do.

I, for one, am always conditioning myself by reading things that are written by authors like Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and by receiving spiritual conditioning from people like Joseph Prince.

However you condition yourself to think and deal with money is how you will ultimately handle it.

Now this very same concept can work against you. If you read, listen, and associate with unsuccessful people your mind will begin to become conditioned towards failure.

If you spend time reading about negative things you may begin to think more negativity. If you listen to broke people, you will get broke advice.

And sure enough, if you hang around unsuccessful people long enough you will find yourself feeling more and more comfortable about not reaching your own goals.

The choice is up to you. You have to stay in shape financially so that you can win your championship.

Whether your financial championship is wealth, retirement, or a successful business, you can win it!

But — you have to prepare to win today, and everyday.

No one determines whether you win or lose … that is only for you to decide!

And I think there’s a champion inside of you…so go ahead and shake the socks off of all of your money struggles.

Be steady with the right conditioning, and soon enough you’ll be living in victory!

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