You Can Bounce Back!

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Don’t let your past money woes keep you down. No matter how you’ve fallen you are always in good position to get up and bounce back.

There is something special about being around someone who you know is doing their thing!

Sometimes certain people make you get that feeling when you are around them. But that feeling could be one of two things: encouragement or discouragement.

The encouragement can come from simply being around success and allowing it to rub off on you.

However, the discouragement can come from feeling like you’ve fallen so far behind that bouncing back can seem like an insurmountable task, especially when it comes to getting that money.

Maybe you feel like you can’t catch up to where you should be, and that it’s too late to even try. But in reality, it’s only too late if you believe it’s too late.

At any given moment you are always able to bounce back! But do you believe it?

I can always believe it for you, but there comes a time when you have to believe for yourself. Belief is such a powerful ingredient to being able to bounce back.

There’s an example of a woman (let’s call her Lisa) who dropped out of high school. Lisa could have easily ended it there and accepted being a “dropout.” However, Lisa fought to earn her GED, she went to a community college, and then to a state university.

Today, she has a Master’s Degree in Math and has taught in high schools and in colleges. She believed she could do it. And her belief allowed her to bounce back.

Here are four ingredients that you need in order to bounce back:

  1. Have a made up mind. Know that you are not going to turn back. No matter what.
  2. Have a plan. Once you made up your mind, a plan will keep you going.
  3. Have accountability. Accountability will have to sticking to your plan, especially when it’s hard.
  4. Believe!

Bouncing back is always an option for people who have determined that they have not fallen too far behind.

But it goes further than that… you must believe. You show your belief by having a plan of action, and accountability.

Whether you’ve fallen behind in your finances, paying back those student loans, saving up for a down payment for your dream home, or saving for retirement, it’s never too late for you to bounce back!

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