You Were Born to Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams

God never intended for you to be average, He intended for you to be great. When you start living out your God-given purpose you will begin to change the world around you.

There is something that I think you need to know — just in case no one told you.

When God made you, He wasn’t just checking the next thing off of His list. When God made you, it wasn’t even equivalent to your grandma putting her foot in her mac-n-cheese.

Because when God made you, He put His heart into it.

Of all the people that have lived, and that will ever live, there is no one like you, and there never will be. You are one of a kind — a masterpiece created by God for a unique purpose.

God doesn’t make mistakes, and you are not the exception. No one looks, acts, or thinks exactly like you do. Nor will anyone ever have the exact combinations of talents, strengths, and gifts that were given to you.

You were created for greatness and you shouldn’t settle for becoming anything less than that.

Your dreams and passions are not a coincidence, they were also placed in you with a purpose. If you take a close look at the dreams that you have, many of them aren’t just for your own comfort, but they are to benefit others.

It is important that you live your dreams and chase your passions because there is no one that will be able to perform them just as you will.

If you have gotten into a rut and those things that used to burn inside of you have died down, take some time to meditate and think about your dreams and the legacy that you want to leave.

Ask God show you part of His perfect plan for your life.

Whether it’s to open a school, write books, or to come up with new ideas that the world has never seen, you can do it!

The missions in your heart are meant for you to accomplish.

God did not create you to live an average unfulfilled life. He created you with a specific purpose and with a grand plan in mind.

It’s time for you to see yourself as God sees you.

You don’t have to live in lack, you can live in prosperity.

You don’t have to live an average and mundane life, you can live an extraordinary one.

Living out your own dreams will make a difference to the world!

Wake up the dreams and passions living inside you … God placed them there, and if you’ll commit to living out your unique purpose, He’s gonna give you everything you need to see it through.

The time is now… you can do it!

You were born to live your dreams!


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